Many things mystify me about public bogs, as I explained in my introductory Bog Blog posting. One of the commonest and most obvious mysteries is the way the lavatorial facilities are almost invariably allocated in a way that is biased against the fairer sex.

Women commonly have to queue patiently until a WC cubicle becomes vacant. Men, on the other hand, rarely have to wait for an available urinal — or, for that matter, for a WC, if needed.

This discrepancy must be frustrating for women. But it can also be annoying for men, who find themselves loitering at length outside the ladies’ loo waiting for their womenfolk to reappear.

This inequity in loo allocation occurs in airports, shopping malls, concert halls, sports grounds, car parks, museums, superstores, cinemas — wherever. Why have the architects of these places still not twigged that they need to adjust the balance further to reduce the inconvenience of their conveniences?